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...change at a rate never before experienced or necessary...

Service Offerings
  • Change Management:
    Business case; sponsorship; implementation framework; transition planning; success measurement

  • Project Management:
    Leadership; scope definition; goal/objective setting; resource requirements; timeline creation and tracking; budget administration; success measurement

  • Process Re-engineering:
    Process flow and analysis; work flow redesign; position redesign; accountability development

  • Lean Systems:
    Six Sigma methodologies

The rapid evolution of technology along with the impact of globalization mandates that companies introduce change at a rate never before experienced or necessary in order to remain competitive. This is true for all companies no matter the size.

The new business environment necessitates continuous review of an organization's effectiveness and productivity.

Change initiatives such as: process simplification; lean methods; technology introductions and improved interdependency linkages are all viable solutions to boost productivity. Unfortunately, it is often the case where excellent initiatives are brought forward only to fail because the proper change processes and leadership were not put in place to achieve success.

We address change initiatives with proven change process methodologies based on our extensive experience in implementations. We also ensure that the processes and methods are supported and driven by leadership best practices. Most important, we place a significant focus on the people who will be impacted since they ultimately determine whether a change initiative is a success or a failure.

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