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Case Studies
Business Process redesign Graphic
Problem: Simply said, the business process was broke. The company was using outdated and unlinked business process methods such as spreadsheets, email and multi-part forms to transact the business beyond their core Oracle financial system. This created a high incidence of misplaced paperwork, coordination errors, communication breakdowns, slow execution, and order completion mistakes. Worse yet, this generated a tired organization with high turnover trying to tie all these disconnected processes together across four continents in five offices. The outcome added up to dissatisfied customers due to order failures, high order processing costs and lost profits.

Solution: A worldwide redesign of all core business processes was initiated. A project team was assembled represented by every group in the company and newly hired experts in both technology and ERP systems. A complete evaluation of all business processes and the technology in place was performed worldwide. After determining 'as is', the team worked to design 'to be' for the future. This future design incorporated lean methodologies, new software introductions and state-of-the-art systems infrastructure.

Results: A completely integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was installed. It entailed end-to-end order processing and addressed all operational and export/import documentation business requirements. Spreadsheets and manual paper processes were no longer necessary or used to transact business. The proposed solution was self funding through productivity gains, reductions in waste and the ability to increase revenue through additional order capacity capability.


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